A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 14


Chapter 14: “All Roads Leads to You”

I guess he is finally giving up Seyoung thought as she gets out of her bed. Well it’s been two weeks, if it was me I would have given up already. Yeah right, like you would. She was having this conversation in her head when what she’s anticipating came.

“Ka-talk, ka-talk.” There it is a bit late than usual, she thought as the messages came, one after the other. She finished fixing her bed before she lazily checked the messages. She knows that it’s from Wooyoung, he never fails to send her tons of messages daily – morning, afternoon and evening since that day and she’s used to it by now. She was surprised and a bit disappointed to see that it was from Jinwoon. The message reads:

“Noona, annyeong! I have been meaning to send you something but I was really busy lately and I keep forgetting about it. I hope this makes your day.”

The second message was a video clip and she finds it a bit odd. She opened it and felt the familiar flutter. It was a clip of Wooyoung with his groupmates. They’re in the practice room and Wooyoung grabbed a familiar box container from Chansung and Taecyeon, declaring that they cannot have any of its content, that it is all his.

“Arasso, eat everything until you burst! It’s not even that good and you won’t share; if you have a stomach ache from eating, I won’t feel  a tiny bit sorry for you,” said Taecyeon, offended by Wooyoung’s behavior.

“It’s not like that hyung…” he hesitated at first then continued. “Seyoung personally made this for me.”

“I thought so,” said Minjun as he snatched the box container from Wooyoung.

What happened next made her smile, the box container was passed around, Wooyoung in the middle trying to catch it, his facial expression showing like he’s about to cry. She can hear Jinwoon laughing while taking the video. If I was there I would have told them not to bother him she thought, but she knows deep inside her heart that’s not going to happen. She doesn’t have the guts to do so.

She typed a reply to Jinwoon:

“Is it that bad?”

Her phone rang after a few minutes, it was Jinwoon.

“Oh, Jinwoonie, annyeong!” she said after taking the call.

Annyeong, noona! I didn’t get your reply, what do you mean by is it that bad? Are you talking about Wooyoung hyung?” Jinwoon asked.

“I meant the biscotti, was it that bad?”

“Ah, I thought…” replied Jinwoon. “If you’ve seen the clip you need not ask. He was really mad that they got their hands on it.”

“Ah, is that so.”

“I really thought you were asking about hyung. Well, even if you’re not am gonna tell you anyways. It’s been really bad; he’s falling apart and all over the place.”

She assumed he would talk about him, she’s well aware of their closeness though she didn’t expect to know that his condition is not good. She was taken aback by what Jinwoon said that she cannot form a sensible response and thus, she remained silent.

Noona, you know I care for both of you and I know that I am not in a position to say these things but I’m gonna say it anyways. Nothing gets fixed if you just stay quiet; you need to talk things out in order for it to work. You need to communicate. Communications is beautiful; it lets you know the truth and sets you free,” Jinwoon said, sounding really wise for his age.

“I’ll keep that in mind Jinwoon-ah. Thanks for the clip, I’ll see you one of these days, let me know when you’re free,” she said.

Arassoyo noona, I’ll let you know,” he said.

Seyoung sat on her bed and sighed. In truth, she misses him; only she can’t bring herself to answer his calls or send a reply to his messages. The two weeks of not communicating with him cleared her mind and eased her heart somehow. In actuality, she is ready to talk to him but being a girl she doesn’t want to be the one to initiate and she doesn’t think a phone conversation is enough to clear things up. I know he’s busy with promotions and their tour but can’t he really find the time to come over here personally to explain, she thought as she leaves her room.

She was greeted by her mother holding a bouquet of what seems to be three dozens of roses in six different colors.

“These came for you. I think someone has finally realized that it takes effort to win his woman back,” he mother teased as she hands her the flowers.

Omma…” she said trying hard not to smile widely.

“Talk to him, hear him out. I believe he truly loves you because he was practically going out of his mind when he came here last time,” her mother said. “He would have missed his practice if I didn’t ask him to go.”

She didn’t say anything, she just smiled. She knows her mother understands her after all, mothers know best.

“Don’t you have any plans today?” her mother asked as they head to the kitchen. As she promised, she spends more time with her mother in the kitchen nowadays because she’s determined to learn how to cook.

“I’m going out with Eunhye later; she said she wanted to hang out.”

“Where are you going?”

“She didn’t tell me. She just said she’s gonna come and pick me up. She must really miss me Omma because she asked me to stay at her place tonight.”

“Well you haven’t seen her in a while because you’ve been really busy. It’s understandable.”

“Well there is that and I miss her too. It’s okay if I sleep over at her place, right?” Seyoung asked.

“Of course my daughter; I’m actually happy that you’re hanging out with your friend.”

“Thanks Omma. You’re really the best mother in the world!” she declared.

Aigoo, uri ttal, you are being very biased but I’ll accept that,” her mother said and added, “To me, you are also the best. Don’t let your sisters know though.”

Arassoyo, Omma. What can I do to help?” she asked looking at the ingredients set on the table.

“I’ll take care of this, put your flowers on a vase so it doesn’t wither too soon.”

“Okay Omma. I’ll take that vase in the living room then.”

As she makes her way to the living room she received a message. Did he finally decide to send me a message she thought. She was about to check it when another message came. And she was right, the message came from Wooyoung. The first message read:

“I hope you liked the flowers. Can’t decide on what color to send so I got all the colors available. I miss you so much it’s killing me. I love you, uri gongjunim.”

“Kure, I liked it but it would have been better if you came over and gave it to me personally. Kurigo, you have the time to go to a flower shop but you do not have time to visit me? You’re impossible!” she shook her head when she realized she was talking to her phone as if it’s going to respond or something. You are losing it Park Seyoung.

The second message was a video clip and she can’t help but to voice it out loud, “Is it just me or sending video clips are really an idol thing to do?” She opened the clip and saw Wooyoung who seems to have his phone on a selca stick trying to get an angle to show his apartment door.

“Is it clear? Wait, it’s crooked. Ah, forget it. I’ll just change this thing,” he said and proceeded to change the lock code to his apartment. The minute he successfully changed it, he looked to the camera and said, “You’re the key to all of me.”

She was touched and before long she was smiling from ear to ear until she remembered he hasn’t made a move to come see her since that day. Come over, just come over here already she thought taking the vase to keep her flowers.

“EUNHYE-SSHI THANK YOU VERY MUCH,” Wooyoung said. “Are you on your way to pick her up?”

“Yes, I’m on my way now. I’m not going to stay long, I have to go to the shooting location today,” said Eunhye on the other line.

“I understand and again, thank you. You don’t have any idea how much this means to me.”

“Alright, alright; enough with the thank you, you might start crying,” she teased. “Just promise me not to make her sad again because if that happens, I’ll be the first to hunt you down.”

Arassoyo, I promise.”

“Okay, I’m almost at her house. See you later.”

“Yes, see you later,” Wooyoung said before hanging up. I’m gonna see her again, at last. I hope she forgives me he thought as he takes his car key. They were given a few days off and he’s about to turn the plan that he came up with a few days ago into a reality. As he has expected, it was not easy. He literally had to beg Eunhye to believe and trust him and in the end, after all his effort, she did.

He was about to get into his car when his phone rings – it’s Jinwoon.

“Oh, Jinwoon-ah, what happened?” he asked.

“I talked to Seyoung noona this morning and you’re good to go hyung, I feel she will forgive you,” Jinwoon said, bypassing any greeting.

“I hope so too. I’m on the way to the shop; wish me luck Jinwoon-ah.”

“Good luck, hyung. Kurigo, later, think of buying that shop; it’s filled with yours and Seyoung noona’s memories,” he joked.

“You know what, I might. I’m hanging up now,” he said and cut the line. Seriously, I really might end up buying that shop one day he thought as he drove away.

“EUNHYE-AH, ARE YOU SURE THIS IS WHERE YOU WANT TO HANG OUT?” Seyoung asked once more as their car starts to slow down.

“Yes, you said it’s a nice place. I wanna try it out as well,” Eunhye replied. “Come on, I really want to eat something sweet.”

“There are plenty of places to go to, I know of one not too far from here,” she said, still hesitating to get out of the car. This place is filled with their memories and she’s missing him more just looking at the shop from the outside what more if they entered.

“But we’re already here. Come on, there’s no time to waste. I’ve got plenty of things planned out for us,” said Eunhye, pulling her out of the car. “I wanna try to make roses too.”

Arasso,” she said, caving to her friend’s enthusiasm.

As they made their way inside, the emptiness she’s been ignoring for the past two weeks gets more and more pronounced. Yes, I’m incomplete the whole time. I miss him and I still love him she thought as she takes the stairs one step at a time. If he calls today, I’m going to answer it and I am gonna meet him to hear his explanation she said to herself. She has made up her mind and she’s now willing to reach out.

She looked around once they’re upstairs. It’s still the same as she remembered it, the piano in the corner, the counter. The memories came rushing to her and she can’t help but smile bitterly. If I continue to feel this way I might end up crying she thought, trying to snap out of reminiscing.

“Seyoung-ah, where do you want to sit? Seyoung-ah, are you with me?” asked Eunhye.

“Huh? What did you say?”

“I said where do you want to sit?”

“Ah. Here, near the piano,” she replied.

Arassso. I’m gonna order for us okay, wait here,” Eunhye said leaving Seyoung to go to the counter.

She checked her phone while waiting for Eunhye to come back, disappointed that he hasn’t called. Ani, if you can send messages and flowers you can call too, right? Why are you not calling today? Well, why will he call, he probably thinks I won’t answer.

Unknown to her Wooyoung saw everything; he carefully concealed himself behind the counter. The moment he saw she was absorbed with her thoughts and her phone; he sneaked in and sat in front of the piano. He started to play and that’s when she noticed his presence. She marveled at his sudden appearance that she fixed her eyes on him, somehow anticipating what he is going to sing.

I can’t remember why we fell apart

From something that was so meant to be

Forever was a promise in our hearts

Now more and more I wonder where you are

Do I ever cross your mind anytime?

Do you ever wake up reachin out for me?

Do I ever cross your mind anytime?

I miss you

She cannot believe that he is here; she thinks it’s a mirage or something but the song makes her disbelief fade – it tells her that he is really there, playing the piano with his eyes closed, owning every single word of the lyrics that sums up all that he currently feels.

Still have your picture in a frame

Hear your footsteps down the hall

I swear I hear your voice drivin me insane

How i wish that you would call to say

Do I ever cross your mind anytime?

Do you ever wake up reachin out for me?

Do I ever cross your mind anytime?

I miss you

I miss you

I miss you

She finally has an idea of how much he misses him and looking at him breaks her heart because he looks really unkempt, he has lost so much weight since she last saw him.

No more loneliness and heartache

No more cryin myself to sleep

No more wonderin about tomorrow

Come back to me oh

Back to me

After he played the last note, he looked at her with pleading eyes mirroring all the longing and sadness that she’s feeling. He stood up and approached her, got down on one knee and spoke.

“Seyoung-ah, mianhae, chongmal mianhae. I love you; I am completely, hopelessly, madly, deeply in love with you to even think of the past or any other woman. I’m sorry I failed to let you feel that, please forgive me,” he said pouring all the emotions possible with every word.

“What about Minji?” she blurted out, composure be damned. “And how come you’re here? How do you know I am here?”

“I asked Euhye-sshi’s help, ani, I begged her to help me see you. And Minji is just a person from my past, she’s long gone, we’re over and done. I do not, cannot and will not care for her ever. There’s just you, all roads leads to you. I want you back; can I have you back in my life?”

“You asked Eunhye? But where is she? She said she wanted to hang out,” she said, trying not to sound overwhelmed by his declaration.

“She left; she has to go to her filming location,” he said while looking intently at her. “Did you hear what I said?”

She was about to say something when she receive a message. “Can I check this first?”

“Can I sit next to you?” he asked.

She nodded then read her message, as expected it was from Eunhye. It reads:

“Seyoung-ah, sorry I didn’t say goodbye, I don’t want to be late and I want you two to have more time together because it’s about time. I know you love Wooyoung, don’t be too difficult on him and you said you know how he is. I’ll see you again sooner.

PS. Don’t forget I got permission for you to stay out overnight. Kekeke.

She was blushing after reading her message. This woman is out of her mind really she thought putting her phone back in her purse. She felt that he has been looking at her all the while and that’s when she realized that he has seen her message.

“Didn’t you know that it’s not proper to read someone else’s message?”

Mian, I saw your cheeks turning red so I got curious.”

“Who said you can stare at me?” she asked in embarrassment.

“But I miss you, I haven’t seen you in forever and you haven’t answered my question yet so I’m committing your face to memory.”

That’s when she remembered that she hasn’t given her answer yet, nor asked her questions.

“What really happened? Why is it that she came back?”

“She didn’t tell me exactly, well how could she; I was shouting at her the whole time after you left,” he said, his voice cracking at the mention of her leaving. He sighed then continued, “I know you heard this from me before but I’m gonna say it again – I meant every single thing that I did when we were filming WGM, it’s not just a show, it is more than that. And I truly love you; please can’t you find it in you to forgive this dimwitted man?”

She wasn’t sure where to begin so she brushed his hair covering his eye. She looked into his eyes and nodded, a smile forming on her lips.

“You’re forgiving me?” he asked, relieved.

She nodded once more; she’s swept with too much emotion that it’s making it hard to form something coherent.

Once he saw her nod, he took her in his arm for a very tight embrace. “Thank you Seyoung-ah, thank you very much. I promise there won’t be such a situation again.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” she said as she embraced him back. There’s no point in prolonging anything, she love him too much to do so anyways.

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