A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 11


Chapter 11: “The Morning After’s Dream”

This is how I want to spend the rest of my life, waking up beside this beautiful woman, he thought as he looked at her sleeping soundly next to him. He’s on cloud nine the moment he opened his eyes because she’s there – sleeping on his bed, beside him. A huge smile spread across his face as he snuggles closer to her.

What he didn’t know is that Seyoung has been awake for several minutes now revealing in the dreamy moment; watching him sleep. She was admiring how adorable and peaceful he looks like and wondering about what he was dreaming of because of his big smile. He was also unaware that she woke him up by brushing away a few hairs off his eyes.

Seyoung continued to feign asleep even when he snuggles closer to her. Her heart is not cooperating though, it’s beating faster again. Is it always going to be like this? Will I always be flustered by the proximity? I hope he doesn’t notice she thought as she tries to calm herself.

“I can tell that you’re awake,” he said as he looks at her face. “You’re blushing, wae? Is it hot? Am I hot?”

Yah, what do you mean you are hot?” she said while pulling the blanket to cover her face. “You’re teasing me so early in the morning.”

He smiled and pulled the blanket, “Good morning! Jal jasseo? I slept really well I feel like I’m completely recharged or something.”

“Oh, I slept well,” she said as she looks at him. “That’s good that you feel rested, you guys are going on a World Tour so you need to save up your energy.”

Arasso, I’ll rest whenever I can; I promise. Don’t worry, okay?”

“Okay, I need proof shots okay?”

Mwo? Proof shot of what? Me, resting or sleeping?” he asked. “Maldo andwe!”

Wae? It’s possible, ask your groupmates to take it then send it to me when you wake up,” she said laughing at his silly expression.

“Ah so you’re making fun of me, is that it?”

Anya,” she said as she gets out of the bed. “Wooyoung-ah behgopah. Let’s have breakfast.”

He checked his watch; it reads eight in the morning. “Kure, I’ll make breakfast for us. Kidarryojuseyo.

Ne, kamsahamnida.

“I’ll call you when everything’s ready,” he said before he made his way to the kitchen.

“I’ll come in a few minutes, I wanna watch you cook,” she called.

There was actually nothing to watch. He just fried some eggs, bacon and sausages after putting some coffee in the percolator.

“Continental breakfast? Are we having toasts or pancakes?” she asked once she got a good look of what he is preparing.

“Toasts, I have some bread in the fridge. My mother was here the other day,” he said.

“Really? You should have told me. I wanted to see her.”

“I didn’t tell you? Mian, it must have slipped my off mind,” he said as he put some bread in the toaster. “Jongshini opso, chincha.

“It’s okay, you were really busy and I know you’re gonna be a lot busier these coming days,” she said. “We can visit Omonim once your schedule is not as insane as it is now.”

“I hope by that time you’re not so busy too, not that I don’t want you having any project. I just hope it doesn’t have as much kissing scene as your last drama.”

“There you go again,” she said shaking her head. “That’s finished already.”

“Alright, I won’t talk about it anymore. But I do wish that you don’t have that much kind of scene, if it’s possible,” he said while putting the toasts on the plate. “Keut, breakfast is ready!”

They set the table in no time and started eating.

Jalmuggetsumnida!”said Seyoung.

Matchigae deuseyo.

They fed each other as always because it’s the most natural thing to do for both of them.

“This is our first breakfast together, right Seyoung-ah?” Wooyoung asked after wiping some ketchup off Seyoung’s lips.

“Ha? No it’s not.”

“In my house I mean.”

Aigoo, I know what you’re thinking of. Stop there.”

Arasso, I’m not gonna tease you.”

“I’m full,” she said, ignoring what he said then checked her watch. “I have to go soon, I promised Omma I’ll stay home today.”

“I’ll drop you, I’m free today. I can spend time at your house,” he said. “Let’s stay here for a bit longer, I don’t want to share you yet.”

“Were you always this greedy?”

“Didn’t you know? I can be really greedy if I want to.”

“Fine, I’ll stay for an hour more. What do you want to do?”

“First, let me clear everything here,” he said then added, “Go check my backpack, I brought something for you.”

“Again? I’m getting spoiled.”

“I want to spoil you.”

“Alright, I’ll check your backpack,” she said as she’s leaving the kitchen.

I think he really took note of all my preferences at some point, she thought as she looks at the bracelet carefully placed inside a light blue box. The design is simple yet classy and she feels really special looking at it because she can tell he took his time in choosing it.

She went out of the room and found him in the living room.

Eotteo? Do you like it?” he said when he saw her.

“I love it,” she said smiling brightly. “What are we doing?”

“Ah, I want us to listen to our album together.”

“Okay, though I listened to it already.”

“You listened to it alone, not with me. Just, please.”

“Alright, I was just teasing.”

“Come here,” he said, pointing at the space on the sofa next to him.

She joined him willingly. As she sits down, he put his arms around her, making her lean on him.

“I want to listen like this,” he said when she looked at him.

He played his favorite track out of the album, Pull and Pull. They are both swaying to the music when they heard some beeping noise, a sign that someone is coming in.

“Is it your groupmates again?” Seyoung asked; the memory of her last visit to his apartment still fresh in her mind.

“I don’t think so; my manager will probably tell them not to come over because you told him of your plan,” he said, puzzled. “Could it be Omma? But she didn’t call so that’s out of the equation.”

“Who else knows the passcode of your apartment really?”

“I’ll change it, remind me later before we go,” he said then stood up together with her.” Let see who our visitor is.”

The door opened, revealing a pretty woman with long gorgeous hair and a pair of long flawless legs. She has chinky eyes, the type that closes when smiling genuinely.

Oppa, nan wasseo. How have you been? I missed you,” the woman said smiling sweetly. She noticed Seyoung and said “Oh, you’re not alone.”

“Minji-ah, wae yoegiseo?” said Wooyoung, shock written all over his face.

“Minji-ah?” asked Seyoung. She has a bad feeling about the woman and looking at Wooyoung’s expression, the puzzle in her head is coming together showing a picture she never thought to see.

“Sorry, I’m Minji, Choi Minji. Wooyoung Oppa’s girlfriend,” she declared.

Seyoung was shocked into silence. So this is the woman in his mind when he wrote This is Love. The woman he wishes to come back while he was singing Come Back to Me When You Hear This Song, she thought. It’s her – Choi Minj in the flesh. Just like that, her dreamy morning turned into a nightmare difficult to escape from.


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