A Tale of a Boring Roasted Chicken

Once there was a boring roasted chicken neglected in the fridge for a day. It was freezing even with its coat and yes, the not so plump woman could tell.

In an attempt to save it and for her picky roommate to consider eating it (the roommate is not a fan of leftovers,) the not so plum woman decided to make a new dish out of the poor cold boring roasted chicken.


That poor cold boring roasted chicken

The not so plump woman thought these would go well with it:


because sautéed is best.

Also at the suggestion of the roommate, she used this:


because the roasted chicken kind of dried out in the fridge, it needs some sauce.

And because the not so plump woman is sooo into Korean food, she decided to add the most used Korean dish ingredient as far as she’s concerned:


Her consumption of this baby skyrocketed for the past few months.

After 20 to 30 minutes or so, the poor cold boring roasted chicken is not so cold or boring anymore but a saucy, yummy chicken.


The chicken is accompanied by rice of course.

And so the boring roasted chicken had its makeover and was eaten to their hearts content. The End.

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