[A Piece of Me] What’s At the Top?


A week ago, I crossed out one of the items on my bucket list and that is to visit Burj Khalifa before I leave the UAE for good. And honestly it would have been delayed if not for a friend whom I got to meet for the first time since we started chatting a few years back. Yeah, it definitely would have been waay delayed because even if I’ve been here for almost 10 years, I’m still not used to summer in the UAE.

Enough whining about summer and back to the subject at hand – Burj Khalifa, the tallest existing structure ever built as per Wikipedia and the item crossed out of my bucket list. It took about a week to sort through how I feel about the trip because, yeah, I’m slow like that. Plus I’m distracted and mostly, because I’m overthinking. Talk about twisted.

We arrived at least 45 minutes early, thanks to the ever dependable Uber driver, his name now forgotten not that I got it in the first place. Quite early, I know it’s an oversight in my part mainly because in all honesty, I’m not familiar with Dubai. I never really go out of the house or leave Ras Al Khaimah unless it’s important or necessary. And this is one of those cases, it’s important, even if I think I wasn’t able to highlight the importance of it all, I kicked myself internally as I type that.

So we had some time to kill even after the whole “lost and ask for direction.” I decided to try to really wake up by having more caffeine in me – double shot espresso macchiato this time cause the 3in1 was of no help and by the time the tour started, I felt awake. And because Jean – a Dubai based friend of mine already set my expectations about the tour, I opened my mind and just enjoyed the company of the person I was with. So all in all, it was wonderful. I have proof:

IMG_6032 IMG_6033 IMG_6036 IMG_6040 IMG_6041 IMG_6042 IMG_6046 IMG_6050 IMG_6051

Quite the view, right? Really impressive, at least for the first 20 minutes it is, afterwards, the view is just numbing, the heat more pronounced and if not for my friend, I don’t think I’d enjoy the tour as much. I know, I’m weird and quite different, I accept that. I’m a small town girl who appreciates a rice field more than I appreciate skyscrapers; I know I’ll never change. It’s nice to have a bird’s eye view but I think I’ll appreciate it much more if the view below is an ocean, a mountain or as I already mentioned, a rice field and maybe a lake. I had fun though but I don’t think I’ll be visiting again anytime soon.


She came, we saw and we sort of conquered the top.

4 comments on “[A Piece of Me] What’s At the Top?

  1. missienelly says:

    We sure conquered the world!!! Thanks for taking me there! What a majestic yet hot place to be!

  2. kfangurl says:

    Great pic of you two! I get what you mean, I’m not overly taken with architecture either, but it’s great that you got to experience it anyhow – it’s something you ought to do just once! 😉

    • ErlNotEarl says:

      Thanks! Nelly is a good model, I got great pics of her. 😀 Here, here! I don’t know why but architecture just feels really cold to me. Definitely a one time thing. Take me to a forest, a mountain and I’ll say yes, over and over.

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